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1Donald TrumpDonald Trump
American business executive
2Roger FedererRoger Federer
Swiss tennis professional
3Theresa MayTheresa May
British politician
4Nicola SturgeonNicola Sturgeon
Deputy First Minister of Scotland
5Barack ObamaBarack Obama
junior United States Senator
6Stan WawrinkaStan Wawrinkasport
7François FillonFrançois Fillonpolitics
8Alexander ZverevAlexander Zverev0
9Donald TuskDonald Tusk
liberal Polish politician
10Romano ProdiRomano Prodi
Italian politician
11Anis AmriAnis Amri
12Lionel MessiLionel Messi
Argentine international footballer
13Sheriff ClarkeSheriff Clarke
14Christian KernChristian Kern0
15Philippe GilbertPhilippe Gilbert
Belgian road bicycle racer
16Fethullah GülenFethullah Gülenpolitics
17Emmanuel MacronEmmanuel Macron
18Munro Leys SuvaMunro Leys Suva
19David GoffinDavid Goffin
20Angelique KerberAngelique Kerbersport

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Dates of birth
Wednesday, 29. March
Christoph Leitl Christoph Leitl 68 
John Major John Major 74 
former British politician
Elle Macpherson Elle Macpherson 54 
Australian supermodel
Juan Monaco Juan Monaco 33 
male tennis player
Kristina Brandi Kristina Brandi 40 
Puerto Rican tennis player
Eric Idle Eric Idle 74 
English comedian
Paola Binetti Paola Binetti 74 
Italian Senator
Rui Costa Rui Costa 45 
Portuguese football player

Dates of death
Wednesday, 29. March
Robert Falcon Scott Robert Falcon Scott 1912 
Royal Naval officer