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1Donald TrumpDonald Trump
American business executive
2John McCainJohn McCain
senior United States Senator
3Jeff SessionsJeff Sessionspolitics
4Charlie GardCharlie Gard
5gen Max-Joseph-Platzgen Max-Joseph-Platz
6Peter PlavčanPeter Plavčan
7Brigitte MacronBrigitte Macron
8Barack ObamaBarack Obama
junior United States Senator
9Novak DjokovicNovak Djokovicsport
10Melania TrumpMelania Trumpeconomy
11Romano ProdiRomano Prodi
Italian politician
12George PellGeorge Pell
Australian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church
13Mihai TudoseMihai Tudose0
14Mariano RajoyMariano Rajoy
Spanish politician
15Polo HoferPolo Hoferculture
16Jarryd HayneJarryd Haynesport
17Pieter TimmersPieter Timmers
18Emmanuel MacronEmmanuel Macron
19Chester BenningtonChester Benningtonculture
20Beate ZschäpeBeate Zschäpe

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Dates of birth
Thursday, 27. July
Hubert Gorbach Hubert Gorbach 61 
Austrian politician
Erwin Wurm Erwin Wurm 63 
Austrian artist
Christa Markwalder Christa Markwalder 42 
Kai Diekmann Kai Diekmann 53 
German journalist
Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez 42 
Dominican American baseball player
Jean-Marie Leblanc Jean-Marie Leblanc 73 
French retired road bicycle racer
Bob Diamond Bob Diamond 66 
American banker
Thomas Bauer Thomas Bauer 62 

Dates of death
Thursday, 27. July
Gertrude Stein Gertrude Stein 1946 
American writer