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Steve Irwin

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Stephen Robert Irwin, known simply as Steve Irwin and nicknamed "The Crocodile Hunter", was an Australian wildlife expert and television personality.


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Steve Irwin

Australian wildlife expert

1962-02-22 - 2006-09-04

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  1. Paul Watson
  2. Terri Irwin
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Known as:
  • Steve Irwin
  • Steve Irwin Way

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Steve Irwin Way
Police officer seriously hurt after being hit by motorbike at Beerwah ... h/story-fnii5v6w-1226889577179
2.2014-04-07de-ATatScience / Technology
Steve Irwin
Skurrile Erfindermesse: Kamelbuckelkühler und Falt-Moped
Steve Irwin
'Sea Shepherd redt 750 walvissen van de slachtbank' ... vissen-van-de-slachtbank.dhtml
Steve Irwin
‘Sea Shepherd redt leven van 750 walvissen’

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