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Shimon Peres

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Shimon Peres is the ninth and current President of the State of Israel.


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Shimon Peres

ninth and current President of the State of Israel

Age: 94 (1923-08-02)

Strongest Links:
  1. Tzipi Livni
  2. Binyamin Netanyahu
  3. Ehud Olmert

Known as:
  • Shimon Peres
  • Shimon Pérès
  • Shimon Perès
  • Shimon Pères
  • Shimón Peres
  • Shimon Péres

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Shimon Peres
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Shimon Peres
Israel vs Irán: así es el arsenal armamentístico de estas dos potencias archienemigas ... igas-201805111143_noticia.html
Shimon Peres
Israele, Netanyahu interrogato. Ecco di che cosa è accusato

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