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Roy Moore

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Roy Stewart Moore is an American jurist and Republican politician noted for his refusal, as the elected Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the state courthouse despite contrary orders from a federal judge.


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Roy Moore

American jurist

Age: 71 (1947-02-11)

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Roy Moore
Droits des femmes : cinq mois après l’affaire Weinstein, un 8 mars à la résonance inédite ... ance-inedite_5267314_3224.html
Roy Moore
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Roy Moore
Ihre Story, Ihre Informationen, Ihr Hinweis?
Roy Moore
Steve Bannon quitte la direction de Breitbart News
Roy Moore
Bruciata la casa di una delle donne che accusavano Roy Moore di molestie
Roy Moore
Usa, Trump al contrattacco su Twitter: "Non sono intelligente, sono un genio"
Roy Moore
Trump, pubblicato il libro-scandalo. Il presidente: "Testo fraudolento". Wolff: "Alla Casa Bianca dicono che è un idiota" ... _testo_fraudolento_-185831794/?ref=search
Roy Moore
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Roy Moore
Ihre Story, Ihre Informationen, Ihr Hinweis?
Roy Moore
Alabama : le démocrate officiellement déclaré vainqueur de la sénatoriale face à Roy Moore ... -a-roy-moore_5235438_3222.html

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