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Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman is a Golden Globe-winning, Academy Award-nominated Israeli-American actress.


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Natalie Portman

Golden Globe-winning

Age: 34 (1981-06-09)

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Natalie Portman
Joel Edgerton on his first feature film as director The Gift starring Jason Bateman and Natalie Hall ... l/story-e6frfmw0-1227499638861
Natalie Portman
Athletics World Championships 2015: 'Mo is as confident as I’ve ever seen him,' says British Athletics’ performance director Neil Black ... ector-neil-black-10466712.html
Natalie Portman
Athletics World Championships 2015: From ducking cricket balls to leaping for medals – Shara Proctor's rise to the global stage ... the-global-stage-10466716.html
Natalie Portman
Schoolgirl 'fully radicalised' by Isis propaganda must be taken away from 'deceitful parents', judge rules ... ents-judge-rules-10466815.html
Natalie Portman
Ashes 2015: England in trouble and facing an innings defeat as Ian Bell and Joe Root follow Adam Lyth back to the pavilion ... -to-the-pavilion-10467172.html
Natalie Portman
Houses of Parliament revamp to cost £30m to draw up
Natalie Portman
Athletics World Championships 2015: Relaxed Mo Farah aims to give GB a golden opening ... a-golden-opening-10466710.html
Natalie Portman
Treasury boost as tax receipts produce £1.3bn July surplus
Natalie Portman
Market Report: NHS budget constraints mean Spire Healthcare growth will flatline ... th-will-flatline-10466840.html
Natalie Portman
Global markets in meltdown over China growth fears

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