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Mike Leigh

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Mike Leigh OBE is an English film and theatre director, screenwriter, and playwright.


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Mike Leigh

English film

Age: 71 (1943-02-20)

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Mike Leigh
Mike Leigh: "Turner war eloquent, aber meistens knurrte er"
Mike Leigh
Woman attacks man with pepper spray in Hollywood cinema after being asked to 'turn off her phone' during Mr Turner screening ... -turner-screening-9855990.html
Mike Leigh
Mr. Turner im Kino: Der Grantler und die Kunst
Mike Leigh
Pisatelj kot lastna fikcija
Mike Leigh
F1 US Grand Prix 2014: FIA will review reasons behind Marussia and Caterham's Austin absence as he instructs F1 to get its house in order ... ts-house-in-order-9830215.html
Mike Leigh
Everton vs Swansea: Garry Monk set to meet Mike Riley after venting his anger at referee decisions ... referee-decisions-9830050.html
Mike Leigh
Steven Gerrard casts doubt over his Liverpool future as he admits he would consider leaving club at end of the season ... end-of-the-season-9829970.html
Mike Leigh
Rio Ferdinand ban: QPR defender considering appeal against three-match ban as Harry Redknapp defends him over 'sket' Tweet ... m-over-sket-tweet-9830003.html
Mike Leigh
Arsenal vs Burnley: Jack Wilshere ruled out with knee injury as Arsene Wenger reveals further injury concerns with just three fit defenders ... ree-fit-defenders-9830159.html
Mike Leigh
Video: Watch the last 114 years of technological advancement in just 12 minutes ... n-just-12-minutes-9828900.html

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