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Ken Livingstone

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Kenneth Robert Livingstone became Mayor of London on the creation of the post in 2000 having previously been Labour Leader of the Greater London Council from 1981 until it was abolished in 1986.


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Ken Livingstone

abolished in 1986

Age: 73 (1945-06-17)

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  1. Boris Johnson
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  • Ken Livingstone
  • Ken Living-stone

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Ken Livingstone
Kontroverzné vyhlásenie o Hitlerovi mu spôsobilo problémy: Teraz so smútkom opúšťa stranu ... Teraz-so-smutkom-opusta-stranu
Ken Livingstone
El líder laborista Jeremy Corbyn, acusado de ser espía de los soviéticos durante la Guerra Fría ... fria-201802201358_noticia.html

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