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David Cameron

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David William Donald Cameron is a British politican and the current leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition in the United Kingdom, positions he has occupied since December 2005.


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David Cameron

British politican

Age: 48 (1966-10-09)

Strongest Links:
  1. Gordon Brown
  2. George Osborne
  3. Nick Clegg

Known as:
  • David Cameron
  • David Camero

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David Cameron
Royaume-Uni : José Manuel Barroso réprimande David Cameron sur l'immigration ... -immigration_4508706_3214.html
David Cameron
EU chief warns 'no possibility' of UK reducing immigration – as Cameron is warned quota on migrant workers would break the law ... uld-break-the-law-9804464.html
David Cameron
Big Society exclusive: Taxpayer-funded grants were paid ‘under intense pressure’ to Cameron-founded charity by Nesta ... -charity-by-nesta-9804893.html
David Cameron
What life would be like under a Labour government - according to David Cameron ... -to-david-cameron-9804943.html
David Cameron
Stop changing laws behind closed doors, say experts
David Cameron
Auch Briten debattieren über Quote für Ausländer
David Cameron
'Disabled are grateful so work harder,' says Tory minister
David Cameron
MoD defends new CEO's £500,000 pay that unions label 'utterly outrageous' ... tterly-outrageous-9804283.html
David Cameron
Residents should throw a street party and mix with immigrant neighbours, councils told ... urs-councils-told-9804319.html
David Cameron
Ploumen: meer geld tegen ebola

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