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David Cameron

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David William Donald Cameron is a British politican and the current leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition in the United Kingdom, positions he has occupied since December 2005.


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David Cameron

British politican

Age: 48 (1966-10-09)

Strongest Links:
  1. Gordon Brown
  2. George Osborne
  3. Nick Clegg

Known as:
  • David Cameron
  • David Camero

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David Cameron
General Election 2015: David Cameron forgets if he's an Aston Villa or West Ham fan ... -or-west-ham-fan-10203685.html
David Cameron
David Cameron: The first black or Asian prime minister will be a Tory ... r-will-be-a-tory-10203752.html
David Cameron
General Election 2015: David Cameron keeps quiet on Boris Johnson 'succession plan' ... -succession-plan-10203855.html
David Cameron
General Election 2015: Nick Clegg rules out Lib Dem coalition with any party also doing a deal with SNP or Ukip ... with-snp-or-ukip-10203481.html
David Cameron
La Libye se réinvite dans le débat politique français ... e-francais_4622653_823448.html
David Cameron
HSBC menace de quitter le Royaume-Uni en cas de « Brexit » ... as-de-brexit_4622624_3234.html
David Cameron
General election 2015: The SNP will wield 'enormous influence' should Labour form minority government, Nicola Sturgeon claims ... -sturgeon-claims-10203666.html
David Cameron
General Election 2015: Cameron's 'small-minded isolationism' has reduced UK standing in the world, says Miliband ... ld-says-miliband-10199770.html
David Cameron
General Election 2015: Cameron to blame for failing to lead Labour in polls, says Lord Ashcroft ... ys-lord-ashcroft-10203132.html
David Cameron
General Election 2015: Why Miliband leads Cameron in battle for wavering voters - according to Lord Ashcroft ... to-lord-ashcroft-10203132.html

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