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David Cameron

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David William Donald Cameron is a British politican and the current leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition in the United Kingdom, positions he has occupied since December 2005.


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David Cameron

British politican

Age: 47 (1966-10-09)

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  1. Gordon Brown
  2. George Osborne
  3. Nick Clegg

Known as:
  • David Cameron
  • David Camero

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David Cameron
Cameron wil Britse extremisten toegang tot land ontzeggen
David Cameron
L'offensive de David Cameron face à la « menace » djihadiste ... e-djihadiste_4479564_3214.html
David Cameron
Isis terror threat: Police to seize passports of suspected fighters returning from Iraq and Syria, says David Cameron ... ays-david-cameron-9704484.html
David Cameron
UK PM David Cameron to address lawmakers on terror threat level rise
David Cameron
UK PM: Police need power to seize passports of would-be jihad suspects
David Cameron
Londres confiscará los pasaportes de británicos sospechosos de unirse al Estado Islámico
David Cameron
Bretar auka varnir gegn hryðjuverkum
David Cameron
VIDEO- Președintele Traian Băsescu, ascultat cu atenție de liderii europeni și aprobat de Angela Merkel, la Bruxelles ... +Angela+Merkel%2C+la+Bruxelles
David Cameron
Donald Macintyre's Sketch: A sacked Attorney General gives the Prime Minister some very public advice ... ery-public-advice-9704955.html
David Cameron
La numirea noii conduceri a Consiliului European a avut prioritate echilibrul politic, nu şi experienţa ... ul+politic%2C+nu+si+experienta

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