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David Cameron

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David William Donald Cameron is a British politican and the current leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition in the United Kingdom, positions he has occupied since December 2005.


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David Cameron

British politican

Age: 48 (1966-10-09)

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  1. Gordon Brown
  2. George Osborne
  3. Nick Clegg

Known as:
  • David Cameron
  • David Camero

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David Cameron
David Cameron calls Labour 'hopeless, sneering socialists' while announcing 7-day NHS plans ... g-7day-nhs-plans-10141023.html
David Cameron
Duro ataque personal de Cameron a Miliband, al que llama «socialista hipócrita»
David Cameron
US-Armee rettet zwei saudische Kampfpiloten
David Cameron
US-Armee rettet zwei saudische Kampfpiloten
David Cameron
General Election TV debate: Two polls show Cameron narrowly beat Miliband ... ly-beat-miliband-10140306.html
David Cameron
Ed Miliband strikes back: Am I tough enough? Hell yes. Would I have a pint with David Cameron? No, but I would share a bacon sarnie ... a-bacon-sandwich-10137718.html
David Cameron
Cameron korjasi potin brittivaalien ensimmäisessä väittelyssä ... ensimmaisessa+vaittelyssa.html
David Cameron
Royaume-Uni : Cameron donné vainqueur du premier débat télévisé avant les législatives ... -royaume-uni_4602416_3214.html
David Cameron
V prvním televizním utkání Cameron dle diváků Milibanda porazil
David Cameron
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