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Jack Straw

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John Whitaker „Jack“ Straw ist ein britischer Politiker der Labour Party.


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Jack Straw

britischer Politiker der Labour Party

Alter: 68 (1946-08-03)

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Jack Straw
Donald Macintyre's Sketch: No bombast as members on all sides drift away from Israel
www.independent.co.uk/ ... -away-from-israel-9792517.html
Jack Straw
Clacton by-election aftermath: Don't imitate Ukip, but take them and the Tories on, says Yvette Cooper
www.independent.co.uk/ ... ays-yvette-cooper-9789289.html
Jack Straw
Palestinian statehood: Ed Miliband demands whipped vote, but backs down to avoid resignations
www.independent.co.uk/ ... void-resignations-9789290.html
Jack Straw
Jack Straw responds to Ed Miliband's critics: 'People think he has panda eyes and strange lips'
www.independent.co.uk/ ... -and-strange-lips-9787813.html
Jack Straw
Ed Miliband pays price for Ukip surge as Labour turns on its leader
www.independent.co.uk/ ... rns-on-its-leader-9788510.html
Jack Straw
Israel-Gaza conflict: MPs set to vote to recognise state of Palestine
www.independent.co.uk/ ... tate-of-palestine-9785875.html
Jack Straw
Revealed: The speech Thatcher dared not give after Brighton IRA bombing
www.independent.co.uk/ ... ghton-ira-bombing-9771124.html
Jack Straw
Jim Armitage: Iran has come a long way in its relations with the West, but trade is still a bridge too far. Yet perhaps business links are just what it needs
www.independent.co.uk/ ... ust-what-it-needs-9759201.html

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